Marcos Cafe Viejo Tote

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The Marcos Cafe Viejo Tote is something to behold!!! We love anything Unique and Handmade which is exactly why we especially Love this Tote! Rich shades of Dark Brown, Hand Tooled Floral Pattern on one side and Basket Weave Pattern on the opposite side.. You choose which to show off!  Bonus an 11" long leather tassel on each side! The interior is lined in Chocolate Suede with 2 pockets on one side and a zipper pocket on the opposite side of the interior.  Rolled braided leather carry straps are just the right length.  Plus there is a pocket on each outer side panel.  This is a "structured" tote making it perfect for the lady that carries a tablet or small laptop because this tote stays upright and is protected with metal feet on the bottom.   Why Fit in When You were Born to Stand Out!!

~Rich Shades of Dark Brown

~12" Tall, 15" Wide, 5" Deep

~25" Strap measured from side to side

~Hand-tooled leather

~Chocolate Suede Interior

~Zipper pocket and double pocket in Interior

~Flat bottom for stability with metal feet to protect


~Also comes in Metallic Pewter

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