Grande Sterling Silver Saucer Pearls with Earrings

$ 880.00

Grande Sterling Silver Saucer Pearls ~ Handmade Pearls are a Statement Maker and a Must your Collection!! Includes Sterling Silver Saucer Pearl Earrings!  These are Large Saucer Pearls (Largest Center Saucer Pearl is bigger than a quarter).  This is a substantial piece (length & weight/amount of sterling)  ~ Handmade by Navajo Artist S. Becenti ~ Handmade Pearls are getting harder to find due to the time intense artistry required. This is a Highly Collectible piece that can be Enjoyed for Years! 

Why Fit In~ 

~Sterling Silver Saucer Pearls 

~Includes -Sterling Saucer Pearl Earrings

~Necklace Measures 35"

~Handmade - Native American Artist S. Becenti

~Stamped by Artist

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