Kingman Turquoise Grande Verde Heart Pendant

$ 625.00
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Kingman Turquoise Grande Verde Heart Pendant ~ Now THIS is a Showstopper!!! Large & In Charge!! For All the Turquoise Collectors this would be a Great Addition to your collection! Large Kingman Turquoise Heart with Sterling Scroll Trim Detail and Large Bail will slide on most all Sterling Pearls. (Large 12mm Pearls shown in pics with room to spare).  Why Fit In!

~Kingman Turquoise 

~Heart shaped Pendant

~Colors - Soft Shades of Green with Copper Matrix

~Sterling Silver Scroll Trim Detail 

~Backed in Sterling Silver

~Large Sterling Bail will fit over 16mm Pearls (shown on 12mm Pearls)

~Measures - Heart 2.5" X 2.5" not including bail

~Native American Made- Stamped by the Artist

~Made in USA

(Sterling Pearls not included but various sizes offered for sale)

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