The Royston Turquoise Lariat Necklace & Earrings

$ 3,700.00

The Royston Turquoise Lariat Necklace & Earrings ~ This Gorgeous Lariat Style Necklace is dripping in the Best Shades of Turquoise!!! (The Turquoise is both Royston and Sonoran Gold) BONUS The Royston Turquoise Lariat Necklace comes with these Gorgeous Royston Turquoise Earrings..  Talk About a Statement Maker! Why Fit In.. This would be An Amazing Piece for Your Collection to be Enjoyed for years!

~Royston Turquoise and Sonoran Turquoise

~Lariat Style Necklace

~Measures - 26" long (slight adjustable length) with a 4" drop

~Sterling Silver Bead detail at top of each Turquoise stone

~Royston Turquoise earrings 

~Native American Made

~Stamped by Artist

(Note: Each Turquoise Stone measures approx. 1.5"-2")


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