The Turquoise Disc Necklace

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The Turquoise Disc Necklace ~ We are thrilled to offer this Beautiful Turquoise Necklace! These are Graduated Turquoise Discs in Rich Shades of both Blue & Green with Copper Variations. Could easily be mixed with all shades of Turquoise. Plus the 4" Sterling Extender will allow for a longer length.  This is a Highly Collectible Piece to be Enjoyed for Years!  Why Fit In!

~Graduated Turquoise Discs (The largest Turquoise center disc is the size of a Nickle then graduates to small discs around the necklace)

~Color- Blue & Green Turquoise with copper variations

~Measures 18.5" around

~4" Sterling Extender

~Native American Made

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