Rio Concho Belt in Black

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Rio Concho Belt in Black ~ A Classic Western Chic Staple for your closet!!    6 Hand Stamped german silver conchos 3.25" x 3.0" on a super thick soft black leather belt.  The conchos are adjustable by simply sliding making it perfect to wear on waist or hips.  The leather belt measures 45" from the hook of the center concho to the tip of the leather.  You can easily adjust the size of the belt by simply using a hole punch (we can punch the hole for you, just contact us with your measurements). We Love the Versatility of this belt.  This beauty is meant to be enjoyed for years. 

~6- 3.25"x 3.0" German Silver Hand Stamped Conchos

~Black Thick/Soft Leather Belt measures 45" from hook of concho to leather tip

~Current holes measure  32", 33.25, 34.50, 35.75, 37, 38.25 (Add more to lengthen or shorten)

~Hand Made


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